Clare Charnley and Katrin Kivimaa
Kana Nahk Live Art Festival

A work for Kana Nahk 2002 international live art and video festival, Rakvere and Haapsalu, Estonia

Katrin Kivimaa
I mis/use my power of mastering the language. I mis/use my power of seeing and remaining unseen. I mis/use my knowledge of the situation and the naivité of the speaker who is forced to repeat my words.

I am vulnerable to the speakers presence/existence. She may distort my intention, my knowing words. She may mispronounce, she may gesticulate, she may burst into laughter. I am unwillingly controlled by her ignorance.

I am threatened by the presence of the audience. I am heard by it. I am being looked for by it. I may have courage to irritate it or fight back. It's like a bullfight where the bullfighter has all the power, yet the bull might hurt him.

I prefer to remain an invisible-wo/man.