Patricia Azevedo (Brazil) and Clare Charnley (UK)

Leave Blank


Leave Blank
A collection of immigration forms from a range of countries have been reproduced, but with the words removed. They have become aesthetic objects. However this erasure (of questions asked to decide where individuals are allowed to be) opens up a space for new words; perhaps new questions about the assumptions and implications contained in the immigration forms’ original questions. The act of handing out the forms to the public becomes a series of conversations.

Leave Blank is an ongoing project that takes place in different forms and process. It’s title refers to the part of the document we are not supposed to use - leave blank for official use.

Patricia Azevedo and Clare Charnley have handed out Leave Blank in public places as part of:
Crunchtime2010, York
Exhange Mechanism, Belfast 2010

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Leave Blank Book with tear-out forms 2013

Counterpoint, Platforma London 2011

Northern Art Prize 2009