It's stone hitting stone
Collaboration with Patricia Azevedo (Brazil)

The Serra da Gralheira region of northern Portugal is greatly depopulated through emigration. Many of those left behind cannot read and write. It’s stone hitting stone started as a sort of audio game played between two foreigners with their microphone and inhabitants of a tiny village. As sound recorded locally passes between people, it accrues multiple meanings through guesses.  These involve imaginative reinterpretation, teasing and showing off, but also lay bare personal observation, regret and fear. Referents extend beyond the temporal frame of the recording, inserting experiences the visitors have no access to. 

Singing lies deep within the culture and is reflected through deliberate musicality in people’s voices. Onomatopoeic sounds are invented spontaneously; as much is said by the timbre and tone of the voice, as by its content.

There are no visuals apart from subtitles.