Now, here (shadow)

Now, here (shadow of rubble) 40cm x 26 cm x 30 cm, plaster

Imagine a piece of rubble standing in sunshine; Now, here is a visualisation of the wedge of darkened space on the opposite side to the sun. A three dimensional shadow.

Rubble was chosen as object because it undergoes a process of change in a very different timescale to its shadow (ie the relative movement of Sun and Earth). Also because it brings a reference to human activities of destruction and construction. The piece of rubble itself and the specific time and place are no more special than any other.

Now, here fixes a shadow as index of a particular moment in time and place. In this way it is like a photograph. However, unlike a photographer, I was unable to see the form of what I was recording until the job was done. I started out not knowing if it was possible, shaping different tools to carve out each grove. This inevitably introduced minute inaccuracies and a degree of interpretation. The fact that the piece is hand made means that it cannot quite measure up to the clear precision of the passage of light.