Patricia Azevedo (Brazil) and Clare Charnley (UK)
What is Possible

The idea was to try and line our heads up as a metaphor for thinking the same thought. One person lay on the floor and the other set off a camera above, using a very short shutter delay. This created a situation where we didn’t have time to arrange our bodies with any other aim than to position the heads – a sort of enforced spontaneity. The part-success/part-failure of this process produces a series of strange configurations which form a dialogue of bodies. They suggest a range of relationships, and sometimes a double-body.

Two bodies and two voices try in various ways to become one while carrying out an ordinary task, such as giving directions.

We had been discussing the fact that, living in different parts of the globe, we are normally orientated on different spatial planes. What is possible mimics this situation. Each image could be read anyway up.